Latest Innovation & Technology (I&T) Developments

Read on to learn about exciting Innovation and Technology (I&T) developments, including those happening at the BCA Braddell Campus.

Our spaces at BCA Braddell Campus are available to connect like-minded individuals, showcase innovative technologies, and transfer knowledge to drive development and adoption of I&T in the Built Environment.

New I&T Developments

Piloting Innovative Mixed-mode Ventilation Technologies

L14 MMV Office
To reduce a building’s cooling energy consumption, BCA is collaborating with the National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), Kajima Corporation, and Surbana Jurong Private Limited under the Cities of Tomorrow (CoT) R&D programme to explore a novel approach to cool spaces.

This approach uses a combination of natural ventilation from automated windows, elevated air movement from ceiling fans, spot cooling from personal ventilation desks, and background cooling from the air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation (ACMV) system. The aim is to maximise conditions when natural ventilation is desirable and reduce reliance on energy-intensive air-conditioning, thereby contributing to urban sustainability and significantly reducing cooling energy consumption. 

The team is also developing an occupant-centric sensing and control framework to inform the mixed-mode operation, thereby saving energy while providing a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. 

During the proof-of-concept experiment conducted over a two-week period, a 55% cooling energy reduction was achieved in a 45m2 testbed. A full-scale demonstration is currently ongoing at Level 14, Block E of the BCA Braddell Campus in a sizeable open-plan office space occupied by Azendian Solutions

Piloting Innovative Hybrid Cooling Technologies

ZEB Plus
In 2019, BCA partnered with the Singapore-Berkeley Building Efficiency and Sustainability in the Tropics (SinBerBEST), a research entity under the National Research Foundation CREATE Programme, to embark on a research collaboration to transform BCA’s Zero Energy Building (ZEB) into a positive energy building. 

This transformation was completed in 2022, heralding the arrival of ZEB Plus. With the integration of green technologies into working spaces, the ZEB Plus, an “Office of the Future”, provides insight into what tomorrow’s office buildings could look like.

With the upgrading of the existing solar photovoltaic (PV) system, the building has pushed its boundaries further and has achieved an overall energy surplus of more than 20%. ZEB Plus has also achieved about 77% improvement in energy efficiency as compared to 2005 baseline.

Past Technology Exchanges by BCA

Over the past two years, BCA has organised Tech Exchanges showcasing 22 solution providers and involving more than 300 senior management attendees. These are networking sessions with specific technology themes to raise awareness on ready-for-market solutions.

Tech Exchange with the Singapore Contractors Association Limited (SCAL) on Robotics and Automation Solutions for Trade Works (30 Jun 2023):

SCAL RnA Tech Exchange

Tech Exchange with Tech Onshore MEP Prefabricators (TOM) and Hilti on Prefab MEP systems (10 Mar 2023):

Tech Exchange with TOM Hilti on Prefab MEP Systems (10 Mar 2023)

Tech Exchange with Innovate UK on Green Building Technologies (8 Jun 2023):

InnovateUK Tech Exchange

If you have innovations aligned to the Built Environment Industry Transformation Map (BE ITM) which can enhance productivity and sustainability, and you are interested to explore various opportunities at BCA Braddell Campus, please contact Mr Nicholas Oh or Mr Zhenyuan Law for more information! 

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