Procuring Facilities Management (FM) services

Choosing the right service providers - FM Firm Registration for public sector FM services

BCA has streamlined the registration of FM companies providing integrated FM (IFM) and managing agent (MA) services under BCA’s Contractors Registration System (CRS) – FM01 Workhead.  Government agencies procuring such FM tenders have been specifying FM01 Workhead as a requirement since 1 April 2020.

Workhead Title  Description 
FM01 (New)
Facilities Management
Provision of Integrated Facilities Management1 (IFM) and/or managing agent (MA) services by facilities management companies.

1 Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) refers to the provision of at least two distinct maintenance services by the same company. The provider may either deliver the services or outsource and manage sub-contractors. Areas of distinct maintenance services include (i) Building maintenance services, (ii) Mechanical & Electrical maintenance services, (iii) Security services, (iv) Cleaning services, (v) Landscape services, and (vi) Pest control.

Registration details for the FM workheads are available for download here.

Guide on FM Procurement - Pre-tender, Tender Preparation, Tender Evaluation, Post-tender

The Guide on FM procurement is developed by the FMIC (Facilities Management Implementation Committee) Procurement Taskforce to provide guidelines on good procurement practices across the 4 stages of procurement and encourage greater adoption of such practices by the industry.
Procuring FM services

You can download a copy of the Guide on FM Procurement here and infographics here.

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