Buildability (Buildable Design and Constructability)

Buildable Design is the extent to which the design of a building facilitates ease of construction.  It is also important to ensure that the productivity concepts initiated during the upstream design phase are implemented with labour-saving construction processes during the downstream construction phase. Constructability is the extent to which the adoption of construction techniques and processes affects the productivity level of building works on-site.

Affected projects are required to meet minimum Buildable Design Scores (B-Scores) and Constructability Scores (C-Scores). The following pages provide more information on Buildability.

Buildability Legislation
Read about the legislation that was introduced in 2001, and the amendments made

Code of Practice on Buildability
Download the Code of Practice to learn more about Buildability requirements and submission procedures

Buildable Design Appraisal System (BDAS) and Constructability Appraisal System (CAS)
Details on how B-Scores and C-Scores are calculated

Buildable Design Score Index (BS Index) and Constructability Score Index (CS Index)
These indices are indicators for tracking the performance of design firms with respect to Buildable Design, and builders with respect to Constructability.

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