Workforce Development (Construction) - WD(C) Index

To gauge firms’ pro-activeness in investment towards productivity improvement, the Technology Adoption (TA) Index and Workforce Development (WD) Index were established to track the amount of Construction Productivity and Capability Fund (CPCF) that firms tapped on.

The WD(C) Index constitutes disbursement rates for Workforce Training and Upgrading (WTU) scheme and the committed funds for scholarship and sponsorship. An equal weightage is allocated to both programmes, at 50% each. The WD(C) Index is computed based on the funding disbursed relative to the industry.

Computation Methodology


Indices Computed by BCA

Please access the indices for the period relevant to tender evaluation.

The publication cycle will be on quarterly basis, i.e. Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct. Only the latest four publications will be available online. The first set of indices will be published in Aug 2014.


For enquiries on the computation of WD(C) Index, please contact:

Mr. Wong Kok Leong (wong_kok_leong@bca.gov.sg) or
Ms. Yeo Hui Wen (yeo_hui_wen@bca.gov.sg)

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