Buildable Design Appraisal System / Constructability Appraisal System

Constructability Appraisal System

  • The system was developed as a means to measure the potential impact of downstream construction methods and technologies on the productivity at site. 
  • A project with a higher Constructability Score uses more labour efficient construction methods and technologies, and improves site productivity. This results in savings in manpower cost and shorter construction time. 

Constructability Score of Building Works =

Constructability Score of Structural System
Constructability Score of AMEP System
Constructability Score of Good Industry Practices

Components of the appraisal system

The constructability of building works is assessed in three areas:

  • Structural works - Requires the greatest manpower usage for building projects; hence a switch to a more labour efficient construction system for structural works is likely to bring about a direct improvement in site productivity.
  • Architectural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing (AMEP) works – These works are also labour intensive, and site productivity gains can be achieved if builders embrace the use of efficient construction methods and technologies.
  • Good industry practices - Good project and site management is also critical to enhancing site productivity performance.
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Constructability Points for System Formwork (Updated 1 June 2021)

System formwork are classified into vertical formwork and horizontal formwork under the Structural Component of the Constructability Appraisal System (CAS).

There are 5 bands assigned to both vertical formwork and horizontal formwork, with different allocation of constructability points to reflect their relative efficiencies.

Productivity assessments are conducted by formwork system suppliers or builders and witnessed by BCA.

Disclaimer: The banding of system formwork is for the purpose of allocating Constructability points to the different system formwork based only on assessment of their productivity outcome. They do not represent any form of endorsement, approval or accreditation by BCA for their purchase, lease or use. BCA will update the banding information from time to time when more system formwork have been assessed. BCA reserves the right to raise the productivity assessment standards of system formwork and the corresponding bands upon review and may downgrade any system formwork from its given band if the quality of concrete finish arising from its use is poor.      

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