BCA-SGBC Behavioural Change Programme

Developed by BCA and the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC), the programme aims to help building users adopt sustainable behaviours to reduce overall environmental impact and promote well-being in their organisations.

Starting as a pilot Programme in 2017, the BCA-SGBC Behavioural Change Pilot Programme aimed to test if tangible outcomes could be achieved from changing the behaviour of building users. This was in recognition that building users typically are responsible for nearly half a building’s total electricity consumption.The pilot programme generated significant interest, with 12 participating organisations that have reached 23,000 people through their campaigns.

Today, the approach for Behavioural Change has been curated into a capability building Programme, Sustainability in Singapore, which seeks to impart skills to Green Ambassadors to bring about behavioural change in building users to act more sustainably. The Sustainability in Singapore Programme is organised in support of the Singapore Green Plan 2030.

Why join the programme

Organisations that have participated in the pilot programme have demonstrated the effectiveness of simple behavioural changes in achieving an organisation’s sustainability targets. These organisations have completed a total of 12 customised campaigns and achieved tangible outcomes which includes attaining energy savings of up to 20%, and improvement in overall staff well-being. Several organisations also repeated their campaign, having witnessed the benefits.

How the programme works

Sustainability in Singapore Programme will train a team of 3 – 5 Green Ambassadors or individuals passionate about sustainability in an organisation via a standardised, step-by-step training curriculum, supported by materials and checklists which can be replicated across different premises and business types. The Programme is resource-light and will be held fully online.

Dedicated Green Ambassadors in participating organisations influence behavioural change by:

  • Understanding employees’ behaviour
  • Identifying a target or audience
  • Identifying barriers and motivators
  • Designing a campaign that is easy, expected and attractive
  • Measuring and celebrating results

Resources required

No monetary investment is required for participation in the programme. Individuals do not need any prior technical knowledge as they would be given training via virtual workshops, livestream sessions and meetings. Nonetheless, certain resources and commitments are required, including:

  • The team of Green Ambassadors to be the main campaign leader(s)
    • Who will be trained up in behavioural change knowledge and skills, and in charge of delivering the behavioural change campaign
    • Who will present their campaign, results and/or learnings
  • Self-funding of campaign logistics such as internal communication materials (e.g. posters) and sub-meters (to measure energy use), if any
For more information on the Sustainability in Singapore Programme, visit http://sustainabilityinsingapore.org or contact us for more details.


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