BCA-SGBC Behavioural Change Programme

Developed by BCA and the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC), the programme aims to help building users adopt sustainable behaviours to reduce overall environmental impact and promote well-being in their organisations.

Why join the programme

Organisations that have participated in the pilot programme have seen various positive outcomes, including energy savings of between 4% and 20%, and improvement in overall staff well-being.

How the programme works

Dedicated change managers in participating organisations influence behavioural change by:

  • Understanding employees’ behaviour
  • Identifying a target or audience
  • Identifying barriers and motivators
  • Designing a campaign that is easy, expected and attractive
  • Measuring and celebrating results

BCA and SGBC have also developed standardised industry-specific toolkits to help organisations shape an environmentally friendly culture at the workplace. These toolkits:

  • Are developed for offices, hotels and supermarkets based on overseas case studies, complemented with learnings from organisations in the programme
  • Focus on sustainable management of resources, including energy and waste

Resources required

No monetary investment is required for participation in the programme. Nonetheless, certain resources and commitments are required, including:

  • A nominated change manager or team to be the main campaign leader(s)
    • Who will be trained up in behavioural change knowledge and skills, and in charge of delivering the behavioural change campaign
    • Who will present their campaign, results and/or learnings
  • Self-funding of campaign logistics such as internal communication materials (e.g. posters) and sub-meters (to measure energy use), if any

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