Mandatory Submission of Periodic Energy Audits

Periodic energy audits are to ensure that cooling systems continue to operate efficiently throughout a building’s lifespan, allowing building owners to continuously reap energy saving benefits.


Upon receiving notice from the Commissioner of Building Control, building owners must do the following in order:

  1. Engage the services of a professional mechanical engineer or a BCA-registered Energy Auditor to carry out the energy audit
  2. Submit the necessary documents to the Commissioner of Building Control

All energy audits must abide by the Code on Periodic Energy Audit of Building Cooling System.

Important documents

Download the following documents and submit completed forms to BCA. 

Effective date
(based on energy audit report submission)  
Compliance Standard
 On or after 1 June 2023
 Before 1 June 2023

Annual mandatory submission of building information and energy consumption data

Building owners must also submit building information and energy consumption data annually to BCA. This can be done using the Building Energy Submission System (BESS) using your BESS ID or SingPass.

Applicable buildings


Building owners may be issued a notice

New buildings whose application for planning permission is submitted on or after 1 December 2010

  • At any time after the temporary occupation permit (TOP) or certificate of statutory completion (CSC) is issued
  • At intervals of not less than 3 years after the date of last notice served

Existing buildings that have undergone a major energy-use change on or after 2 January 2014 and are required to meet the prescribed Green Mark standard for existing building

  • 3 years after the date of approved as-built application
  • At intervals of not less than 3 years after the date of last notice served

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