Site and Test Records

The following are the essential site and test records that must be compiled with and kept at the site office:

  1. Schedule of structural works
  2. Attendance record
  3. Site record book
  4. Approved structural plans, amendments and specifications
  5. Record of all departures or deviations relating to structural elements of the building works
  6. Record of inspection and approval for concreting
  7. Record of repairs to defective structural works
  8. Site investigation report
  9. Record of piles installed
  10. Record of pile load tests
  11. Record of tests on cement, sand and aggregates
  12. Record of concrete cube tests
  13. Record of tests on steel reinforcements
  14. Record of tests on prestressing steel
  15. Record of prestressing works
  16. Record of tests on welding works and all welders’ certificates
  17. Record of all other necessary tests

Details of some of the above records needed are further illustrated as a guide in Appendix A

It is to be noted that any construction test that is to be carried out in a laboratory must be carried out in a laboratory approved by the Singapore Accredited Council under the Singapore Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (SAC-SINGLAS).

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