Building Information Modelling for Fixed Installation Design Plans submission

Building Information Modelling (BIM) for Fixed Installation (FI) Design Plans Submission

By end-2023, CORENET X is slated to be implemented for the Built Environment (BE) industry as a One Stop Integrated Digital Shopfront for regulatory approvals. CORENET X will allow Qualified Persons (QPs, i.e. professional engineers and registered architects) to submit a three-dimensional model of a development or building – created and developed digitally through Building Information Modelling (BIM) – to the regulatory authorities. This will mean that the BE industry will submit one coordinated BIM model instead of multiple submissions to the individual agency.  For construction projects involving gross floor area (GFA) larger than 5,000m2, BIM models of the projects would have to be submitted in BIM to BCA.   Key data structures related to the properties of the different entities and objects of the building needs to be included in the model.  Likewise, these requirements will apply to FI such as lifts, escalators and mechanized car parking systems. 

In the upcoming regulations for FI works under the Building Control Act, plans approval will be required before commencement of FI works for new installations or major alteration or replacement (A/R) of FI. To assist Specialist Professional Engineers (SPEs) and Lift Service Contractors to prepare the required BIM model(s) for new lift installations and lifts intended to undergo (A/R), BCA has developed a BIM Guide for Lift1 plans submission.  This BIM guide presents the minimum requirements (in SS 550: 2020) in BIM for lifts and their components to be submitted to BCA for approval.  SPEs and contractors are encouraged to go above and beyond the requirements set out in this guide for their operational use or asset management. 

To aid SPEs and contractors in the preparation of the BIM model, BCA will also provide a set of generic lift component templates in Revit (.rfa format) for firms to use.  Minor adjustments to the dimension and parameters according to the actual product’s specification are necessary to present an accurate representation in BIM.  Firms are encouraged to try them out and to give BCA feedback if you encounter any issue or has any suggestions. 

Note1: The guide will be updated progressively to include other FI such as escalator, vertical platform lift and mechanized carparking system.

BIM Guide Draft v2.9 16June2023


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