Lifts and Escalators Legislation

The Building Maintenance and Strata Management (BMSM) Act is a regulatory framework specifying the regular and proper maintenance of lifts and escalators, to ensure that they are safe for use.

Supplementing the BMSM Act is the BMSM (Lift, Escalator and Building Maintenance) Regulations 2016, which states the maintenance requirements for lifts & escalators in Singapore.

With the commencement of Part 5B of the Building Control (Amendment) Act and the Building Control (Regulating Fixed Installation Contractors) Regulations 2022 (“Regulations”), a person carrying out installation, maintenance, inspection and/or testing of lifts, escalators and/or mechanised carparking systems (“registrable activities”) in Singapore will be required to register with BCA.  Under section 29N of the Act, a person who carries out any registrable activity in Singapore without being registered under Part 5B of the Act and the Regulations to do so commits an offence. Six (6) new classes of registrable activities are introduced.

Registrable Activities

 Corresponding Regulatory         Workhead under eBACS

1. Carrying out fixed installation works* for lifts


2. Maintenance, inspection and/or testing of lifts** or any combination of these activities



3. Carrying out fixed installation works for escalators


4. Maintenance, inspection and/or testing of escalators or any combination of these activities


5. Carrying out fixed installation works for mechanised car parking systems


6. Maintenance, inspection and/or testing of mechanised car parking systems or any combination of these activities


* Fixed installation works means – (a) installation of any fixed installation; (b) the carrying out of such major alteration or replacement works as may be prescribed in respect of any fixed installation; or (c) the testing and commissioning, following the completion of any works mentioned in (a) or (b), of any fixed installation.

** Registrants performing this class of registrable activity are required to comply with different conditions of registration, depending on the type of lifts the Registrants maintain, inspect and/or test.

Conditions of Registration for Fixed Installation Contractors

FAQ on Fixed Installation Contractors Registration_v2.0_01022023

Registration Instruction for FI contractors_v2.0

The existing lift and escalator maintenance provisions under the BMSM Act will be ported over to the Building Control Act (BC Act). Some of the new changes would include Plan Submission requirements for Lifts & Escalators. More information on this can be found here.

Some lifts do not require approval from BCA to operate. Check if your lift is being regulated by BCA here.

Incident notification

Learn more about the different type of adverse events and the procedure for incident notification here.

Forms and certificates

Click to access the relevant forms or certificates to install, modify or operate lifts and escalators in Singapore.

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