Quality Excellence Award

The BCA Quality Excellence Award (QEA) recognises developers and builders for their commitment and achievement in delivering high quality buildings. It aims to:

  • Raise the profile of leading developers and builders who have embraced workmanship excellence and consistently delivered high quality buildings
  • Encourage more developers and builders to set high quality standards for their projects and improve the image of the industry

There are three types of awards: Quality Champion (Platinum), Quality Champion (GoldPlus), and Quality Champion (Gold).

Who can apply

Developers and builders who meet the following criteria may apply for the awards:

  • Committed a high percentage of its private residential units to Quality Mark (QM)
  • Must not have any projects with CONQUAS scores below the industry category average score
  • Must not have any significant quality issues arising from their business/activities

Assessment criteria

Achievements during the qualifying period will be assessed based on:

  • QM Participation – Number of residential units committed and certified to QM requirements
  • QM Performance – QM tiered rating of projects
  • CONQUAS Performance – Average CONQUAS score (for all categories of building)
  • QM Participation volunteered by builders (bonus points)

Award Winners

How to apply

Applications for QEA 2021 are opened until 30 April 2021.

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