Green Mark Incentive Schemes

Green Mark Incentive Schemes (GMIS) were introduced to accelerate the adoption of environmentally friendly building technologies and building design practices through cash or gross floor area (GFA) incentives. 

Eligibility for Green Mark Incentive Schemes

Developers, building owners, project architects and M&E engineers who meet the criteria for individual schemes.

Available schemes



Building Retrofit Energy Efficiency Financing (BREEF) Scheme

Financing options to offset upfront costs of energy efficiency retrofits of existing buildings

Enhanced GMIS for New Buildings (GMIS-NB)

Cash incentive for efforts to achieve at least a BCA Green Mark Gold rating or higher in the design and construction of new buildings

Green Mark Gross Floor Area Incentive Scheme (GM-GFA)

Additional GFA for building owners and developers attaining higher-tier Green Mark ratings (i.e. Platinum or GoldPLUS)

GMIS for Existing Buildings (GMIS-EB)

Cash incentive to 

  • Co-fund thecosts of upgrading and retrofitting existing buildings to improve energy efficiency
  • Co-fund an energy audit to determine the efficiency of air-conditioning plants

GMIS for Existing Buildings and Premises (GMIS-EBP)

Cash incentive for Small and Medium Enterprises (building owners and tenants) to undertake energy improvement works to achieve substantial improvements in energy efficiency

Click into the individual schemes for qualifying criteria and application procedure.

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