Green Mark Gross Floor Area Incentive Scheme (GM-GFA)

The GM-GFA Incentive Scheme encourages the private sector to develop buildings that attain higher-tier Green Mark ratings (i.e. Platinum or GoldPLUS).

Scheme details

Quantum of GM GFA*

For developments attaining a Green Mark Platinum or GoldPLUSrating, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) will grant additional floor area over and above the Master Plan Gross Plot Ratio (GPR) control

Green Mark Platinum: Up to 2% additional GFA beyond the Master Plan GPR (subject to a cap of 5,000 sqm)

Green Mark GoldPLUS: Up to 1% additional GFA beyond the Master Plan GPR(subject to a cap of 2,500 sqm)


The GM GFA Incentive Scheme has expired.We are currently reviewing the scheme and will provide updates here subsequently.

*Method of determining GM-GFA:

method of determining gm-gfa

Note: Additional GFA is subject to payment of Development Premium (DP) or Development Charge (DC), whichever is applicable.

Eligibility for Green Mark Gross Floor Area Incentive Scheme (GM-GFA) 

The scheme applies to:

  • New private developments
  • Redevelopments
  • Reconstructions1
  • Developments that have obtained planning approval but have not started construction of superstructure works on site (considered case by case)
  • Existing private developments2if they undergo substantial energy efficiency enhancements to achieve a high Green Mark rating (i.e. Platinum or GoldPLUS) under the New Building category  

Eligible development types


Non-landed, mixed commercial and residential developments and others (approved case by case)


Commercial entities, offices, retail spaces, business parks, industrial developments, institutions, community buildings, hotels, hospitals, white site developments and others (approved case by case)

Includes major additions and alternations to existing buildings and major retrofitting to existing buildings as deemed suitable for the scheme by BCA

The building must be 10 years or older from date of TOP and must not have enjoyed other similar incentives.  If the TOP was granted in parts, the age of the building will be counted from the date of TOP issued for the final part. 

How to apply

GMIS Online has been decommissioned as of 31 March 2020.  To apply for GM GFA Release of Security Deposit, please download the “E-mail Template for GM GFA Release of Security Deposit Application” template below.

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