Built Environment Transformation Gross Floor Area Incentive Scheme

The Built Environment Transformation Gross Floor Area (BE Transformation GFA) Incentive Scheme ("Scheme") aims to encourage greater adoption of enhanced Construction Industry Transformation Map (ITM) standards in areas of digitalisation, productivity and sustainability ("ITM Outcome Requirements") in private sector developments.

Scheme Details

The Scheme was launched on 24 November 2021 for a 5-year validity period until 23 November 2026.  Under the Scheme, developers/building owners can enjoy up to 3% additional GFA allowed beyond the Master Plan Gross Plot Ratio (GPR) for delivering the stipulated ITM Outcome Requirements in their building development on private sites of at least 5,000sqm GFA.

The Scheme is also applicable to new developments on sites launched for public tender under the Government Land Sales (GLS) Programme on and prior to 31 March 2022.  Applicants can enjoy up to 2% bonus GFA beyond the maximum allowable intensity stipulated in the Technical Condition of Tender (TCOT).  From 2Q2022, higher ITM Outcome Requirements will be required as part of the Conditions and Requirements of Relevant Competent Authorities and Public Utility Licensees and the Scheme will no longer apply for such sites.

Developments that have obtained planning approval but have not commenced superstructure works may also be eligible for the Scheme on a case-by-case basis.

The types of developments that are eligible for the Scheme are shown in the table below.


Condominium and Flats developments

Non- Residential

Commercial, Industrial and Institutional developments, such as office, retail, business parks, community building, hotel, hospital or white site developments

Mixed use

Any combination of the above

All Others

To be assessed based on merits of proposal

1The maximum allowable number of dwelling units for residential developments located outside of Central Area is derived from the Master Plan permissible intensity, which excludes any bonus GFA the site is eligible for.

Stipulated ITM Outcome Requirements

Residential ITM Outcome Requirements Non Residential ITM Outcome Requirements Others ITM Outcome Requirements

Application Process and Submission Requirements

Application Process Flowchart

The overall detailed flowchart of the application and submission process can be found in the 2021 Circular on BE Transformation GFA Incentive Scheme.  Please refer to the form "Computation Form for BE Transformation GFA and Security Deposit" below.

Application Details

Please submit your application via FormSG 
Corporate entity login is required for the form. Your Singpass ID and corporate Entity ID will be included with your form submission.

Do note that as part of the application, you will be required to submit the following supporting documents: -

  • Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) business profile of Applicant (Developer/Building Owner)
  • Only an officer listed as a Director in the business profile of the Applicant (Developer/Building Owner) (i.e. Registered Officer) can submit the Application on behalf of the Applicant.  Where the officer submitting the Application is not a Registered Officer, authorization from the Registered Officer must be granted for such officer to submit the Application on behalf of him/her.  Please refer to the template "Authorization Request Template" below.
  • ITM Outcome Concept Plan shall outline how the project will meet the Digitalisation, Productivity an d Sustainability requirements under the Scheme and shall include the following: -
    • site layout plans and other drawings
    • a Productivity Implementation Plan
    • an IDD Implementation Strategy
    • a Green Building Concept Plan

 Please refer to the template "ITM Outcome Concept Plan Template" below. 

  • Copy of Sales Agreement if the development is on a GLS site
  • Letter of Offer(s) if the development has benefitted from any incentive scheme(s) previously
  • Copy of Sales Agreement and PP/WP if PP/WP has been obtained for the development, where relevant

Specific Deliverables and Reporting Requirements

As the Scheme is tied to ITM outcomes that involve improvements to the design and construction process of new developments, evidence of compliance with the stipulated ITM Outcome Requirements and timeline during the construction phase will be important.  As such, the submission of half-yearly progress reports to BCA during the construction life cycle by the applicant will be required.  The following chart summarises the specific deliverables and reporting requirement.  


Please refer to the document "ITM Outcome Deliverables and Reporting Requirements" below for more details.  Please also refer to the "Progress Report Template" below.

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