Accessibility Fund FAQs

What is an Accessibility Fund? 

The Accessibility Fund is a grant established to help owners of pre-1990 private buildings to improve their accessibility and provide a friendly built environment for people of all ages and abilities.

Why is the Accessibility Fund only applicable to pre-1990 buildings? 

Buildings built before 1990 are not subjected to accessibility requirements.

Who can apply for the Accessibility Fund?

Building owners or lessors who have the ownership right to upgrade the building; as well as lessees who can carry out the upgrading works with the endorsement of the building owners/lessors are eligible to apply for the Fund.

Is there a limit to the funding that a development can apply to? 

Accessibility Fund can co-pay up to 80% of construction costs for the upgrading of basic accessibility features and can be extended to cover up to 60% of construction costs for additional features beyond basic accessibility features and it is capped at $300,000 per building.

What type of upgrading projects do not qualify for the Accessibility Fund?

The Fund does not apply to private landed residential buildings and buildings undergoing major additions and alterations, which, under the current building regulations, have to comply with the prevailing accessibility code.

For private residential buildings, the Fund only applies to the upgrading of communal areas with accessibility features. Individual dwelling units are not eligible for the Fund.

Government funded buildings do not qualify for the Fund.

Will the Accessibility Fund extend to upgrading cost for an existing accessible feature?

No. If there is an existing accessible feature provided in the building, the funding will not be extended to it. Funding will only be extended to features that might be code compliant at time of construction but is not compliant with our current code. For example, the conversion of the gradient of ramp from 1:10 to 1:12.

Can I apply for the Accessibility Fund after my upgrading works have commenced?

In principle approval must be sought from BCA before the commencement of upgrading works. Upon receiving the documents in proper order, BCA will inform applicants within 14 working days on work items which have been approved in principle.

When does the Accessibility Fund expire?

The Fund is available until 2021. Applicants should submit their documents and obtain in-principal approval before the deadline. 

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