Accessibility Fund

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To promote an accessible and inclusive built environment, the BCA Accessibility Fund provides grants to building owners for upgrading their existing buildings with essential accessibility and Universal Design features. Building owners, lessors who have the ownership right to upgrade the building and lessees who can carry out the upgrading works with the endorsement of the building owners/lessors are eligible to apply for this fund.

Funding eligibility

Private buildings built before the implementation of Code on Barrier-free Accessibility in Buildings 1990 that do not have Basic Accessibility features

The fund would co-pay up to 80% of the construction cost of the Basic Accessibility Features cited below:

  • Accessible Entrance;
  • Ramps;
  • Accessible toilet;
  • Signage for accessibility features;
  • Lifts compliant with SS 550 (up to S$200,000/lift); and
  • Accessible car park lot
  • Icons of Accessibility Features including ramp, lift, tilet, signage, car park lot

    Private buildings built before the implementation of Code on Accessibility in the Built Environment 2013 that have Accessibility features

    The fund would co-pay up to 60% of the construction cost of Universal Design Features cited below:

  • Grab bars for ambulant disabled and elderly urinals/WC;
  • Child-friendly WC/urinal/wash basin;
  • Lactation room;
  • Diaper-changing room;
  • Hearing enhancement systems;
  • Braille and tactile features; and
  • Family car park lot
  • Icons of Universal Design Features such as grab bar intoilet, family-friendly facilities, hearing enhancement system, braille and tactile and family carpark lot

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    QR codeInterested parties may reach out to us via our enquiry form by scanning the QR code or visiting https://go.gov.sg/bca-accessibility-fund-enquiry.

    Let’s do our part to make Singapore’s built environment more inclusive and user-friendly! 

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