Builders Licensing Scheme (BLS)

The aim of the Builders Licensing Scheme (BLS) is to ensure that builders carry out their duties competently and professionally, and are conversant with the statutory requirements of the Building Control Act. The list of licensed builders can be found in the  BCA e-directory.

Who needs to apply

All builders carrying out both public and private building works where:

  • Plans are required to be approved by the Commissioner of Building Control
  • Works are in specialist areas which have a high impact on public safety

Types of licence

Licence class

Project value

  1. General Builder licence


  1. General Builder licence Class 1

Allowed to undertake project of any value

  1. General Builder licence (Class 2)

Restricted to projects of $6 million or less

2. Specialist Builder licence

  1. Piling works
  2. Ground support and stabilisation works
  3. Site investigation work
  4. Structural steelwork
  5. Pre-cast concrete work
  6. In-situ post-tensioning work

Allowed to undertake specialist building works of any value which builder is licensed for. Builders can register in more than one category if qualified.


Licensing requirements

The main requirements for granting a Builder’s license are as follows.



More information

  1. Appointment of Approved Person (AP)

Take charge and direct the management of the business in building works.

  • Sole-proprietorship: AP should be the sole-proprietor
  • Partnership: AP should be the one of the partners
  • Corporation: AP should be a director, or a member of the board of management, or an employee (being a person with similar duties and responsibilities of a director or member of its board of management)


AP’s required qualification and experience


  1. Appointment of Technical Controller (TC) with relevant working experience

Oversee the execution and performance of any building works undertaken by the builder.


For Specialist Builders, the TC needs to have a civil or structural engineering degree from a recognised institution.


  1. Minimum paid up capital (for corporations)


  • Class 1 General Builder: Not less than $300,000
  • Class 2 General Builder or Specialist Builder: Not less than $25,000



  1. Payment of licensing fees
  • Class 1 General Builder: $1,800
  • Class 2 General Builder: $1,200
  • Specialist Builder: $1,500

Validity of licence is up to 3 years


How to apply

Submit your application for new builder’s licensing or additional licence(s), or vary a licence class through the Electronics Builders and Contractors Registration System (eBACS).

Forms for application and update of status




Licensed Builders

Provide a list of projects undertaken by the TC

Section D Project List

Update on termination of AP or TC

Notification of termination of Approved Person/ Technical Controller


Licensed Builders  


Appoint new or additional AP and/ or TC


Approval to Update Declaration of Approved Person and/or Technical Controller Appointment and Experience (For BLS only)

Update address and contact details

Approval to Update change of Company's Particulars


Update your personnel's renewed Work Pass


Approval to Update Employee's Work Pass (Employment Pass/ S-Pass)

Note: If you are a licensed Class 1 General Builder, you need to deploy a minimum number of registered Construction Registration of Tradesmen (CoreTrade) personnel in your projects valued at S$20 million and more.

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