Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics for Lifts in Singapore

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics (RM&D) for Lifts in Singapore

To support the implementation of RM&D in the industry, BCA has made changes to the regulations (Building Maintenance and Strata Management (Lift, Escalator and Building Maintenance) Regulations 2016) and developed a Code of Practice for Design and Performance of Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics Solution for Lifts (“COP”) in Singapore.

Lift owners, together with their lift service contractor and RM&D solution provider, may apply to BCA for their lifts outfitted with a compliant RM&D Solution to be allowed a longer maintenance interval of three months.  

To obtain BCA’s approval, the RM&D solution provider would have to demonstrate that the RM&D solution is able to meet the requirements under the COP. You may refer to the set of Guidelines (Approval Process for Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics Solution for Lifts) below for more information and help on the approval process of RM&D equipped lifts. The approval process consists of 2 stages as indicated below:

Stage 1: Consultation and Pre-Approval Trials:
The applicant can first contact BCA via https://www.bca.gov.sg/feedbackform/ for a consultation to evaluate the capabilities of their proposed RM&D solutions under the current monthly maintenance regime. The RM&D solutions will be trialled under the monthly maintenance regime to ensure that they are capable of monitoring and predicting issues with lift operations in accordance with the COP. This phase is expected to take at least 6 months.

Stage 2: Application Process:
If Stage 1 is deemed successful by BCA, the applicant may then prepare the necessary documents and forms and apply to the Commissioner of Buildings (COB) under the Building Maintenance and Strata Management (Lift, Escalator and Building Maintenance) Regulations 2016 for his lifts to be allowed to be maintained at three-monthly intervals.

Relevant documents of the application are available below:
Guidelines - Approval Process for RM&D lifts
Code of Practice for Design and Performance of RM&D Solution for Lifts
Main Application Form (EMEG-RM&D1)
Form A
Form B
Form C (Template for RM&D Maintenance Findings [Updated 30 May 2024])
Form D

Flow chart of Approval Process
The approval process had been summarised into the flow chart below:

RM&D Flowchart

If you have any questions, click here to download the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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