Enquiries on Existing Licence

How to change the licence ownership

The ownership of an outdoor advertising sign/signboard licence is not transferable. It is mandatory to submit a new consultation with the required documents and drawings via Advertisement Licensing System (ALS) to obtain a new licence.

How to renew licence

Renewal duration


Less than a year

Email BCA with the renewal request with the following documents:

  • Consent letter from the building owner and/or landowner, Management Corporation, HDB and Town Council, where applicable, on the continual display of the sign.
  • Declaration letter that the sign on display remains unchanged.
  • The Licensee has to send in the renewal request personally. Alternatively, the Licensee can authorise a representative to send in the request, with the Licensee’s authorisation letter.
  • Upon approval, make payment for the application fee via Advertisement Licensing System (ALS) by the stipulated payment due date.

Auto-renewal of licences annually

Giro payment is compulsory

How to cancel licence

Submit the licence cancellation request via the Advertisement Licensing System (ALS).

How to update particulars

Inform BCA of the updated particulars of the licensee and the licence number via our feedback form. The email needs to be sent by:

  • The licensee; or
  • A representative can send in the request, with the licensee’s authorisation letter.

How to retrieve my past licence records or drawings

Please register an Advertisement Licensing System (ALS) account and submit the search and copy request for the licence copy or drawings via the online system.

There is a chargeable fee of $20 for each search. Some drawings/ information may not be available in our database. The search fee is not refundable, even if the search is not successful. Only the licensee or the authorised representative can make the request to BCA to search for the licence/ drawings.

To retrieve the search result, there is a chargeable fee of $5 and $25 for each licence copy and each set of drawings respectively.

Cheque payment is not accepted for search and copy payment.

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