IDD for DfMA Best Practice Case Studies

IDD for DfMA

Based on focus group discussions with leading DfMA firms the key IDD use cases have been identified along the DfMA value chain.  

These use cases are:

  • DfMA configurator tool - The DfMA configurator tool which is to be utilized by the designers during the upstream project stages, will be able to facilitate in optimizing the unit plan layout for a typical floor plan. This tool will incorporate the downstream manufacturing and assembly requirements as an algorithm and reduce the variabilities of moulds required for production of PPVC modules.
  • Collaborative production planning tool – This tool will enhance the collaboration between the fabricators and main contractors. Today, there are some commercially available solutions which capture the status of the elements through identification markers such as QR codes. Such markers are pasted on the precast components and represent the status in a colour-coded format in the BIM models. Such implementation would facilitate the use of digital wall chart for the project teams to keep a track of the project progress in real-time. Another aspect of this use case is to automatically extract the fabricators production and delivery schedule from the main contractor’s master project schedule and facilitate having digitalized delivery orders and purchase orders which can eliminate the need for paper-based documentation.
  • Digital submission and approval – Such digital platforms aim to provide a better audit trail of records for project information and shop drawings to eliminate the need for using paper documentation or scanned copy submissions. This will further help to enhance the collaboration between the parties involved in a DfMA project.
  • Digital inspection – This use case has couple of aspects, one is for digitalization of QA/QC checklists and the other is for using advanced technologies such as visual analytics. Currently, there are already existing digital solutions out there in the market today to digitalize the QA/QC checklists in an app-based format, whereas, for visual analytics there are currently POCs in progress to test out its feasibility for remote inspection.

Another important component of the IDD for DfMA framework is to address the needs of the clients for them to monitor the overall project health. Currently, to address this, we are in process of conducting data standardization workshops with leading clients. We aim to identify the specific parameters that could be incorporated into the owners’ systems through Open API integration. Such solutions would enable owners to track the project progress digitally without relying upon multiple points of data submissions from the project execution teams.

Integrated Collaborative Production Planning for DfMA

Digitalizing IDD for DfMA Value Chain through Lean Principles

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