Who Has Adopted The IDD Approach

Embracing IDD from a personnel level


Ms Yve Xu , Manager (BIM), Future of Building & Infrastructure, JTC

With her experiences as a mechanical engineer doing design management, Yve also learnt about digitalisation through implementing BIM for her organisation. She meets the needs of JTC, as a developer, such that her organisation can deliver Building and Infrastructure (B&I) information digitally and accurately at both corporate and project level. This allows JTC to plan, create and maintain different space types required by their target tenants to carry out their businesses.


Mr Gerard Teo, Head of VR, ID Architects

With his experiences in using Computational BIM, which requires him to acquire new programming skills, Gerard converts design considerations into programming rules, automating and speeding up the process of generating various design options for his client. This has helped his project team to arrive at designs that meet all design considerations, limitations and compliance to rules very fast.


Mr Colin Yip, Professional Engineer and Buildings Digital Lead, Arup Singapore

With his knowledge on BIM and programming, Colin optimises various structural design options while meeting all design considerations, limitations and compliance to rules. This has helped to cut down on the use of construction materials. He also uses programming techniques to streamline the design and documentation workflow in his organisation.


Ms Michelle Lee, Digital Delivery Manager, Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd.

With her knowledge in BIM and geology, Michelle makes use of digital terrain model to set out all key coordinates on site very accurately. This has greatly improved the preparation and execution processes of underground excavation works. The same digital terrain model is used for planning the rest of the on-site activities. Michelle can also simulate construction sequencing of works so that all works are run smoothly on site.


Ms Sutini Charidi, BIM Coordinator, Kimly Construction

With her knowledge in architecture and BIM, Sutini creates and presents 3D models of architectural installations to the construction teams, allowing them to have a better understanding of the steps involved during installation. This has helped to avoid potential site issues before actual construction begins. Her work has also improved the team's visualisation and understanding of the processes involved.


Mr Tushar Nath, Digital Innovation Lead, SoilBuild Construction Group Ltd

With his aptitude for digitalization and background in civil engineering practices, Tushar, as the Leader of Digital Innovation at Soilbuild, has implemented IDD across the construction value chain in several projects. He has also developed a digitalization roadmap that targets process transformation and process innovation initiatives to facilitate adoption of digital technologies at Soilbuild. These have allowed his company to create an efficient value stream of activities and work-processes for the project lifecycle to cut down abortive works, reduce wastage, and enhance productivity.

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