Energy Modelling

Energy modelling is an integrated approach that provides a good gauge of the energy consumption of the building, identifies energy efficiency opportunities and gives an indication of how a building is going to operate. Higher-tier Green Mark Certifications (i.e. GoldPLUSor Platinum) are required to demonstrate energy savings through Energy Modelling. 


Energy performance of a building is measured by comparing the annual power consumption of the Proposed Model (designed building) against the Reference Model (baseline building).

General requirements

  • The Reference Model must meet minimum requirements stipulated in the Building Regulations including the Envelope Thermal Transfer Value (ETTV) and relevant Singapore standards
  • The Reference Model must be the same as the Proposed Model in shape, size and orientation
  • The Proposed Model must perform better than the Reference Model in total annual savings in energy consumption through:
    • Better building design
    • Higher Improved equipment efficiency 
    • Lower thermal transmittance of building envelope
    • Any other relevant methods
  • Simulation results from the Proposed Model must show at least 25% savings in annual energy consumption compared to the Reference Model for Green Mark GoldPLUSbuildings, or 30% energy savings for Green Mark Platinum buildings.

More resources

Download these documents for more information and submit required forms to BCA as part of your GMIS application.

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