Verification (for projects using criteria before GM2021)

Verification is the last step of the Green Mark Certification process. Its objective is for building developers or owners to demonstrate compliance with the committed design specifications in terms of implementation of green features, site installation, control strategies and energy savings over code-compliant buildings.

For verification of GM: 2021, please refer to GM: 2021 

Certification process



Actual assessment


  • You will submit your application with relevant supporting documents upon finalising the building design.
  • Upon accepting your application and fee, a BCA Green Mark Assessor will be assigned to you for the duration of the project.
  • BCA will conduct an audit to give the project team a better understanding of the criteria and evaluation of the certification level sought.
  • BCA will conduct the actual assessment once the design and documentary evidences are ready.
  • The actual assessment includes design and documentary reviews to check if the project meets:
  1. The intents of the criteria and certification level.
  2. The prerequisite requirement for BCA Green Mark GoldPLUS and Platinum rating where applicable.
  • You will receive a letter of award showing the BCA Green Mark rating at this stage.
  • BCA will conduct a site verification upon project completion.
  • For projects with BCA GoldPLUS or Platinum rating, you will need to carry out energy modelling for reference model using actual data to ascertain energy savings.

Verification in 2 stages

Please refer to the workflow, submit the relevant documents and calculate the necessary scores before on-site verification. 


New & Existing
Non-residential buildings

Residential buildings

Stage 1

You must determine the functionality and performance of the green features that resulted in the certification and demonstrate compliance with the committed design specification through documentary evidences and site verification. Verification officer(s) will inform the need for site verification if needed after reviewing submitted documents.

Stage 1 verification is applicable for Green Mark certified Existing Building projects which were awarded with commitments. 

Stage 2

This stage applies only to Green Mark GoldPLUSand Platinum non-residential projects with energy modelling.

You must determine the energy savings for the building over its reference model using 12-month actual operation data and show compliance to the committed energy savings that resulted in the certification.


Forms and documents

  • Submission requirements (Refer to NRB) 
  • Declaration letter (Appendix A) (Refer to NRB)
  • RB Info sheet (Appendix B)

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