FAQs on Importers- Licensing

Find answers to commonly asked questions on importers’ licensing.

Supply resilience

Under the licensing framework, what is the plan of action that an importer needs to adopt?

Under the licensing framework, importers are required to adopt a plan of action with preventive strategies in the procurement plan. This is to mitigate the impact of any sudden supply disruption from supply sources. One possible strategy in the procurement plan is country diversification of supply sources. Importers are free to propose other strategies.

What are some other acceptable strategies besides diversification?

Procurement plans are highly confidential and specific to a firm's business strategy and operations.

Are there guidelines on acceptable procurement plans?

There is no one-size-fits-all guideline. To facilitate importers’ understanding of the requirements, BCA provides one-to-one consultation sessions with importers about the procurement plan.

S2 Test for importing the first large quantity consignment

I intend to import a large quantity of aggregates from overseas. Can I request a waiver for isolation?

All first consignments imported for S2 Test are subject to S2 isolation. However, you may write in to request for waiver of S2 isolation if your declared quantity for first consignment from a source is more than 10,000 tonnes.

BCA will consider your waiver request provided that the stockpile of your first consignment from a source will not encroach on other stockpiles in your stockpile area.

For my first consignment from a source, can I bring it in via container?

You are allowed to do so provided that is your normal mode of transport when importing the aggregate from the source. Your first consignment via container will have to meet the S2 isolation and S2 Test requirements.

The minimum quantity or the first consignment shall be the maximum capacity of the container or 1,000 tonnes, whichever is the lowest.

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