1. General

1.1 Any person in the business of importing sand and granite must have a valid licence. The licensee can apply for a licence to import of either sand or granite or both.  

1.2 All importers licensed to carry on business of importing essential construction materials will be listed on the Register of Licensed Importers.  To ascertain whether an importer is licensed by BCA to carry on the business of importing essential construction materials, you could view the Register FOC. However, if you require a hardcopy of a certificate certifying whether a particular importer is licensed, you have to pay an application fee of $30 per copy of certificate.

2. Licence Requirement

2.1 The following requirements must be fulfilled for grant of an Importers’ Licence.

  1. a latest copy of your business profile obtained from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)  (Date of request of business profile should not be more than one month from the date of submission of licence application)
  2. the procurement plan as outlined in Section C of Application Form
  3. if you are an incorporated entity, copies of (i) a duly passed resolution to the effect that you are duly authorized to carry on the business of an importer of essential construction materials, and (ii) your memorandum and articles of association.

2.2 At the same time, you should provide your GIRO Application Form at the point of licence application to facilitate payment of fees to be incurred, if you do not already have an existing GIRO account with BCA.

3. Application Fee

3.1 Application Fee for licence or for renewal of licence is S$120. 

3.2 In general, a licence is valid for one year.

3.3 Application Fee for a hardcopy of certificate certifying whether an importer is a licensee is $30 per copy of certificate.

4. Application Form for Importers' Licence

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