Sampling Evaluation of Sand and Granite

1. General

1.1 BCA has adopted a three-stage testing regime on imported sand and granite to determine whether the material is of acceptable quality for use in any building works, street works or railway works as follows:

a. Pre-Import Test (S1 Test)
b. Confirmation Test (S2 Test) on 1st consignment from a new source to a licensee
c. Random Test (S3 Test) on subsequent consignments imported by a licensee

1.2 The licensee is to submit the completed Form for every S1 submission for import of sand and granite from a new source to the licensee. 

2. Test Methods and Standards

The relevant test methods and standards for evaluation of the imported sand and granite are as follows:


Test Method

Relevant Standards


Water Soluble Chloride Content

EN1744-1 Clause 7

SS EN 12620

Chloride ion content ≤ 0.01 % by mass of chloride ion of combined aggregate.

Acid Soluble Sulphate Content

EN1744-1 Clause 12

SS EN 12620

Sulphate content of the aggregates and filler aggregates for concrete ≤ 0.8 % by mass for aggregates other than air-cooled blast furnace slag.

Petrographic Examination



Aggregates should not contain any constituents that are deleterious to concrete.

Alkali-silica reactivity (Mortar Bar Method)

ASTM C1260


Only aggregates with expansion value not greater than 0.20% shall be used.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. The BCA reserves the right to impose further tests on the aggregates as and when required, as decided by the BCA.

3. Cost of Testing

3.1 For S1 test, licensee can send samples to a BCA’s Authorised Analyst or an overseas laboratory which is accredited by the respective overseas accreditation bodies under the Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRAs) with Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) for testing and forward the test report to BCA. The cost of testing will be borne by the licensee.

3.2 For S2 and S3 tests, BCA will collect the samples from the consignment and send for testing. The cost of the S2 and S3 tests will be borne by BCA.

4. BCA's Test Requirements for Imported Fine and Coarse Aggregate

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