Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) Award

The BCA Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) Awards aims to:

  • Recognise firms and projects for their outstanding IDD adoption and project teams’ efforts;
  • Demonstrate IDD values and good practices at firm level and project level; and
  • Encourage more firms and projects to adopt IDD

The BCA Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) Awards are grouped into Firm and Project categories, with each category having three tiers:

  • Platinum
  • GoldPLUS
  • Gold

Firm Category

For the firm category, the objectives of the award are to:

  • Encourage firms to adopt IDD framework, technology and processes by establishing their own IDD value propositions, policies, standards, organisation committee with clear roles & responsibilities and training roadmap.
  • Recognise firms for their outstanding approaches in adopting IDD technologies, methods & processes across the projects in their firm.

Assessment criteria for Firm category

1. Value and Culture

  • Well defined value propositions and roadmap for IDD adoption
  • Well documented IDD policies, standards & best practices
  • Well structured efforts & programmes to build internal IDD culture

2. Organisation and People

  • Well organised Senior-Management-led IDD Committee with clear roles & responsibilities to drive IDD adoption to all levels
  • Well implemented Skills Framework & Development Programme to build IDD capability
  • Well demonstrated measurable outcomes from its Skills Development Programme
  • Well demonstrated IDD capacity and capability at firm level

3. Technologies and Research & Innovations (R&I)

  • Well demonstrated adoption of data-driven and collaborative environment for better outcomes over the past 3 years
  • Well demonstrated adoption of new technologies and methods for better process or outcome
  • Well documented outcomes and involvement in R&I projects for its impact, scalable and innovative solutions compared with conventional practices

Project Category

For the project category, the objectives of the award are to:

  • Encourage project teams to streamlining work processes and connecting stakeholders through digital data, innovation and technology across the whole project life cycle from design, construction, fabrication, to facilities management to deliver a better outcome for end users.
  • Recognise project teams for their outstanding examples of IDD use cases, to adopt new technologies, methods, processes and skillsets for their own targeted key performance indicators (KPIs) set from the start, development, delivery to final operational stage of the project, for cross-disciplinary, cross-phases integration and productivity gains.

Assessment criteria for Project category

1. IDD Project Overview

  • Well defined value propositions and execution plan for IDD project
  • Well defined IDD project requirements, process, standards & best practices
  • Well structured IDD project Team, & communication channel

2. IDD Areas & Integration

  • Well demonstrated value chain integration from design to asset management of the four IDD areas:
    • Digital Design
    • Digital Fabrication
    • Digital Construction
    • Digital Asset Delivery and Management

3. Outcomes & Comparisons

  • Well demonstrated adoption of new technologies and methods for better process or outcomes
  • Well documented comparisons of measurable key performance Indexes of IDD with conventional approach, e.g. cost, time, manpower, resources, quality, productivity comparisons

Award Winners

For more information on the IDDA, please contact Pong Woon Wei (pong_woon_wei@bca.gov.sg). 

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