Internationalisation Partnership Award

The inaugural BCA SGBuilds Awards (SGBA) was first set up in 2020 and has since been rebranded to Internationalisation Partnership Award (IPA) in 2021.

The BCA IPA recognises progressive firms in the Built Environment (BE) sector for their successful collaboration in expanding and strengthening Singapore’s foothold in overseas markets. BCA’s IPA aims to foster stronger partnership and regional networks for Singapore firms across the entire BE value chain. This aligns with BCA’s Construction ITM’s vision of our progressive and collaborative firms leading the way.

Award Winners

- 2020 (Videos)
- 2021

Please note that we have suspended IPA from 2022 until further notice

Eligibility Criteria

1. Number of firms in the Project

(i) Each application should be submitted by the one of the partner firms from BE sector.

(ii) At least 2 Singapore firms. Overseas branch of a Singapore firm can be considered.

(iii) Parent and subsidiary firms are considered as 1 firm.

(iv) Firms in a JV company can be separately counted.

(v) Material and product suppliers are not eligible.

(vi) The table below illustrates the combinations of type of firms and eligibility.

SG firm SG firm
Foreign firm Remark
2 Eligible
1 1 Eligible
1 1 1 Eligible
2 1 Eligible
2 Eligible
1 1 Not eligible
1 1 Not eligible

2. Project Submission

(i) The application will be evaluated based on 1 key overseas project collaborated by the firms.

(ii) The key project may be completed or on-going.

3. Qualifying Period for Key Project

(i) Qualifying period for the key project should be no more than 36 months from the commencement of project to the closing date of application of this award.

(ii) Commencement of project refers to the start of the design/construction of the project.

4. Additional Overseas Projects Collaborated

(i) Additional overseas projects collaborated by the partner firms may be included in the application for additional consideration. However this is not a mandatory requirement.

(ii) Qualifying period for all additional projects should be no more than 72 months from the commencement of project to the closing date of application of this award.

5. Types of Projects Eligible

(i) Residential (i.e., apartments or condominiums)

(ii) Commercial (i.e., hotels, resorts, offices or malls)

(iii) Industrial (i.e., factories or warehouses)

(iv) Institutional (i.e., schools or healthcare)

(v) Infrastructure (i.e., roads, bridges, airports or ports)

(vi) Mixed Developments (of the above)

6. Project Authenticity and legality

(i) Each application should provide details of the projects.

(ii) The projects must not be involved in any legal dispute, court or bankruptcy case.

Judging Criteria

Scoring of the application will be based on:

  • No. of firms collaborated in key project
  • Additional overseas projects collaborated
  • Integration of different stages of construction value chain
  • Adoption of innovative/green solutions
  • Key project collaboration and experience

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