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What is CORENET?

CORENET was established in November 2001 and is a Government to Business system in Singapore. It facilitates electronic submissions by built environment professionals to regulatory agencies for project approvals. This system offers a secure and accessible platform for submissions from any location and at any time. CORENET played a pioneering role in accelerating the rate of technology adoption in Singapore's built environment sector and transitioned the industry from making paper to electronic submissions in the early 2000s. This transition laid a strong foundation for the industry's growth as it embraced advanced construction and modelling technologies, including the introduction of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in 2010.

Why is there a need to develop CORENET X?

CORENET allows separate submissions to various agencies for regulatory approval based on project progress. However, this approach has drawbacks as plans are submitted at different stages, which leads to agencies reviewing plans at different times and providing feedback separately. This arrangement often requires industry practitioners to address multiple sets of comments and ensure that changes in their designs do not affect previous approvals.

The emergence of BIM and new technologies offers an opportunity to transform the current regulatory approval process. CORENET X will replace the current practice of individual submissions to multiple agencies with a collaborative approach. The project team will create and submit a coordinated BIM model, from which agencies can extract information for compliance review. Agencies will then collectively review the submission and provide consolidated feedback to the project team. This integrated process will enhance regulatory governance, promote synergy among agencies, and offer a streamlined One-Stop Integrated Digital Shopfront experience.

When will CORENET X be launched, and will there be a transition period?

CORENET X is targeted to be rolled out progressively from end 2023. It will operate alongside CORENET 2.0 for a period to ensure a smooth cut-over. Industry will be onboarded in phases, starting with new projects in 1H 2025. Ongoing projects from CORENET 2.0 will be onboarded at a later phase, in 1H 2026. More details will be released in September 2023.

What are the technological enablers that will be used to support CORENET X?

The technological enablers are:

  1. OpenBIM Format
  2. Automated Model Checker
  3. Collaboration Platform

More information can be found here.

Which agencies are involved in the development of CORENET X?

The CORENET X initiative comprises the following key public agencies - BCA, URA, NParks, LTA, NEA, PUB, SCDF, SLA, HDB, JTC and GovTech.

CORENET X will eventually replace the CORENET system and will cover the submissions made through CORENET for organisations such as IMDA - TFCC submissions and City Gas in future.

How long will the approval process take under CORENET X?

The time it takes to obtain approval under the streamlined CORENET X process will vary based on a project's size and complexity. We estimate a reduction of around 20% in time taken to obtain approval. In line with the service standards across agencies today, we strive to give a consolidated multi-agency response within 20 working days for each gateway submission.

In addition to the approval timeframe, this streamlined process is expected to generate savings throughout the project lifecycle and across the value-chain. By addressing issues early in the process, it reduces conflicts and the need for waivers downstream that may arise due to non-compliances in construction.

Differences between CORENET 2.0 and CORENET X

What is the difference between CORENET 2.0 and CORENET X?

The current CORENET is an internet-based portal system for building professionals to make separate, individual electronic submissions to regulatory agencies for approval.

CORENET X will be a cloud-hosted platform that leverages BIM technologies to transform the current process, supporting and complementing projects that adopt the use of Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD).

CORENET X will facilitate and support new workflows that allow project teams to submit a coordinated BIM model to the authorities. The digital platform will help bring different regulatory agencies together to review the submission collectively and provide a consolidated response to the project team.

Key Transformation Shifts from CORENET 2.0 today to CORENET X in the future


CORENET 2.0 today

CORENET X in the future


Individual consultants submit plans to various regulatory agencies separately. This may result in uncoordinated design and discrepancies.

The project team collaborates upfront to de-conflict their designs and submit one coordinated model to agencies in the openBIM format.

Agencies receive submissions at different points in the project and assess them independently with different approval process and response times. This may result in conflicting comments that project parties would have to reconcile.

All agencies review the submission collectively at the same time and provide one coordinated response to the project team.


e-Submission platform serving mainly as a conduit for submissions from industry practitioners to regulatory agencies.

The entire submission experience will be redesigned to improve user experience. Industry practitioners will be able to preview and check the project's coordinated BIM model before submission.

Upon receiving the submission, Agencies will come together via the Collaboration Platform to review each project's coordinated BIM model collectively at the same time.

Plan Fees and Progress Payment Milestones

Are different agencies' plan fees consolidated into one single plan fee?

The application / processing fees payable to the respective agencies will still be applicable and all regulatory fees payable due to the submission will be made through CORENET X portal. CORENET X will guide the QP’s user journey from submission to payment.

QPs are expected to only interact with one single CORENET X interface for the respective payable fees for each agency.

In addition, CORENET X also allows the payment link to be shared with another party (e.g. another colleague who is following up on payment issues or developer).

For feedback or enquiry related to CORENET X, please complete the form here.

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