Technological Enablers

openBIM Format

  • The openBIM format, which would be platform-neutral, is being adopted to enable the industry to continue using the software of their choice to design and coordinate.
  • To find out more about more about the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) openBIM format, including export and how it will be used in future CORENET submissions, go to this link.

Automated Model Checker

  • Improves the efficiency of code checking and enables self-checking by consultants prior to submission.
  • This upfront validation will aid industry and agencies in checking for regulatory compliance and improve the accuracy and consistency in code interpretation.
  • Under development to verify straightforward regulatory requirements, such as those related to geometric and spatial aspects of building elements and spaces, across all 3 key disciplines (Architectural, Civil and Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering).
  • Concurrently, potential areas for rules harmonization by the agencies are identified, and agencies are also in collaboration with industry partners to develop model preparation guidelines.

Collaboration Platform (for inter-agency collaboration)

  • Aims to transform the current way agencies review plans, bringing agencies together to concurrently access the same coordinated BIM model. Agencies will then collaborate within the same Collaboration Platform, and provide a coordinated response to the industry.
  • Uses technology to improve efficiency and overcome tedious work, with capabilities to identify amendments between submissions, thus eliminating massive industry efforts in preparing amendment plans.
  • Enables greater collaboration and clearer communication among agencies and with the industry.
  • BIM Viewer (for industry use)
    • Today, QPs need to prepare different sets of plans for different agencies. Leveraging technology, QPs will prepare one coordinated model and agencies will extract relevant information. This reduces the need for manual annotations on plans.
    • The BIM Viewer is one of the key functionalities of the key platform supporting CORENET X. It will bring about 3 key features for the industry:
    • Model Preview During Submission

      The BIM Viewer will allow the QPs to preview their models prior to submissions and incorporate auto-checking capabilities from the Automated Model Checker.

      Improvements to Amendment Submissions

      Today's amendment plans require QPs to prepare the submission highlighting deviations from earlier approved submissions. This process is currently carried out by QPs manually. Going forward, QPs will only need to submit the amended model. The platform will allow model comparison with the previously approved model and identify the deviations automatically.

      Enables Clearer Communication

      Today's Written Direction and comments from agencies are provided in a list to the QPs. Leveraging technology, the comments will also be provided in the BIM Collaboration Format (BCF), which allows tracking and tagging of comments directly to the BIM model. This aims to improve the current communication between industry and agencies.

For feedback or enquiry related to CORENET X, please complete the form here.

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