Prefabricated Bathroom Unit (PBU) Acceptance Framework

PBU designs have evolved over the years and may also involve the use of alternative materials in its fabrication. To ensure that the different PBU systems being used at development sites are reliable and durable, BCA has set up an acceptance framework consisting of building regulatory agencies as well as industry experts to ensure that the design and materials used are robust and can meet the minimum standards set.

prefabricated bathroom unit (pbu) acceptance framework

Fig. 1 

A more detailed explanation of the acceptance framework as illustrated in Figure 1 can be found below:

(a) Check for performance requirements – PBU suppliers and manufacturers who intend to supply their PBU systems to development sites must first ensure that their PBU system meets the PBU performance requirements. For the performance requirements, please refer to the Code of Practice on Buildability 2017.

(b) Submit application to BIP– Applicants should submit the completed application form and supporting documents to the PBU Screening Panel under BIP.

(c) Evaluation by BIP – There are two separate evaluation stages. 
Stage 1: Consists of a PBU Screening Panel chaired by BCA and other industry representatives, who will evaluate the design and materials used. 
Stage 2: Once the PBU system is accepted by the PBU Screening Panel, the BIP Secretariat will then assist and coordinate submissions to the remaining regulatory agencies under the BIP and facilitate early resolution of outstanding issues between the applicant and the respective agencies.

(d) In Principle Acceptance – If accepted, relevant letters of In Principle Acceptance (IPA) will be issued to the PBU supplier/manufacturer. 

(e) Listing on BCA’s website – View list of PBU systems with In Principle Acceptance.

How to apply

Please send in your application with the following documents:

a. A completed and duly signed application form

b. Completed checklist, Appendix A and B

c. Presentation slides on the proposed PBU system (you may refer to the sample template for the recommended presentation flow and content). Presentation content should cover all the necessary content per the checklist (item b), and should also show that the proposed PBU system can meet all the PBU performance requirements. 

d. Additional supporting documents (e.g. material or product specification, quality certifications or test reports by accredited laboratories etc) 

e. A set of drawings of your proposed PBU system as per the requirements in the Table Reference and suggested template

f. Test reports for boards used as wall and floor of PBUs (please refer to Appendix C for the list of test methods required)

g. Test reports for lightweight concrete panels used as wall and floor of PBUs (please refer to Appendix D for the list of test methods required, with IPA dated on or after 1 Jan 2017 onwards.)

h. Any other relevant information 

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