Permit To Operate (PTO) Lifts and Escalators

Lift and escalator owners, contractors and Specialist Professional Engineers (SPEs) can apply for and view applications for Permit to Operate (PTO) in the Online Permit To Operate (OPTO) system.

What is OPTO?

OPTO allows owners of lifts and escalators to:

  • Apply for new PTO
  • Renew PTO
  • Update the ownership of lifts/escalators
  • Update the change in Lift and Escalator Service Contractors (LESCs)
  • Pay PTO fee
  • View the details of all lifts/escalators under the owner, including the latest PTO certificate

How to apply for PTO

Steps  Process 
1. Log in to OPTO  First-time users can register online for a user ID and password. 
2. Apply for New PTO (or renewal)   Click on the “Apply PTO” button in OPTO and input the lift address, lift/escalator service contractors and Specialist Professional Engineer. 
3. Pay PTO fee  
  • Click on “Make Payment” and select the relevant lift(s) or escalator(s).
  • Pay through eNets or credit card. 

To check the PTO status of your lift or escalator.

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Lift and escalator owners, contractors and Authorised Examiners (AEs) can apply for and view applications for Permit to Operate (PTO) here.