Requirements for Alteration and Replacement of Lifts and Escalators

The Permit to Operate (PTO) issued will cease when a lift or escalator undergoes major alteration or replacement works.

Process for major alteration and replacement works

1. The owner must notify the Commissioner in writing before the start of these works.

2. A lift service contractor is to carry out the works under the supervision of an independent Specialist Professional Engineer (SPE).

4. SPE to issue the certificate that states that the lift is fit for operation.

5. Owner applies for a new PTO for the lift.

Who modifies and retrofits?

Major alteration or replacement works on a lift/escalator must be:

- Carried out by the lift/escalator service contractor
- Supervised by a specialist professional engineer for those works

Major lift alteration or replacement works

The major alteration or replacement works on a lift includes the following, to change:

  • Or remove any safety device of a lift, or adding any safety device to a lift
  • Mass of a lift car, including lift car finishing
  • Rated load or speed of a lift
  • Travel distance of a lift
  • Lift control operation (including changing the software or type of driving machine or brakes)
  • Number, type or size of the hoisting ropes supporting a lift car or its counterweight
  • Size of the guide rails of a lift
  • Type of safety gear
  • Lift landing door, lift car door and lift car door drive and control

Major escalator alteration or replacement works

The major alteration or replacement works on an escalator includes the following, to change:

  • Speed
  • Drive
  • Control
  • Safety device
  • Braking system
  • Step band

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