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From public suggestions gathered through various engagement platforms, we have shortlisted 5 potential taglines for the Singapore Green Building Masterplan (SGBMP).

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About the Green Building Masterplan

The launch of the BCA Green Mark scheme in 2005 formed the backbone of Singapore’s first Green Building Masterplan, which encouraged, enabled and engaged industry stakeholders in adopting new green buildings. The Green Building Masterplan, which was first rolled out in 2006, has also been continually updated since its inception. The first edition targeted new buildings, to encourage developers to embed sustainability as part of a building’s life cycle from the onset. As the Built Environment sector began to embrace the idea of sustainable buildings, BCA expanded its reach to target the greening of the larger stock of existing buildings and engage building occupants to change their energy consumption behaviour. The target is to have “at least 80% of buildings (by floor area) in Singapore to be green by 2030”.

BCA also launched the Super Low Energy (SLE) Building programme in 2018 to encourage firms to go beyond the existing Green Mark Platinum standards and push the envelope of environmental sustainability in Singapore. 

Singapore Green Building Masterplan (SGBMP)

BCA and the Singapore Green Building Council are co-leading the creation of the next SingaporeGreen Building Masterplan (SGBMP) with stakeholders from the public, private and people sectors, including Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs).

One of the key initiatives under the SGBMP is to review the mandatory minimum environmental sustainability standards for buildings. To support the push towards more energy efficient buildings, BCA plans to raise the minimum energy performance standards for both new and existing buildings in the coming years.

To facilitate building owners to benchmark their electricity consumption against other buildings, BCA will publish energy performance data for all buildings in coming years, starting with commercial buildings. This will allow building owners to know how they perform compared to similar types of buildings and spur them to upgrade and benefit from savings for improved energy efficiency of their buildings. More information can be found here

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