Temporary Relaxation of Licence Registration for Foreign Crane Operators

What is it?

This is a temporary manpower scheme to assist built environment firms manage their manpower resources. All foreigners seeking to be employed as crane and hoist operators under this scheme shall possess prior crane operation experience in the Singapore construction sector and are subjected to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM)’s prevailing work pass requirements and crane operator registration requirements. The Temporary Relaxation of Registration for Foreign Crane Operators allows only employers who meet specific terms and conditions to employ foreign crane operators under construction work passes.  Under the scheme, the applicant company is required to train and recruit new Local Crane Operator (LCO)1

1 Refer to Singapore Citizen/Singapore PR without prior crane operation experiences.

Who is eligible for assistance?

1.      Applicant Company intending to employ foreign crane operator (with prior crane operation experience in Singapore) on a new work pass or renew existing foreign crane operator’s work pass.

2.      The Company is required to first submit Form C, Application form for endorsement to employ foreign crane operators for endorsement.

3.      Only companies with approved FORM C may proceed: -

i.          To enrol for training/test in crane operations2 at BCA Academy or P-One (S) Pte Ltd for their foreign crane operator (whose licence has expired) for re-certification purposes; and thereafter

ii.          For MOM work pass application for the worker to be listed as a  Crane and Hoist Operator in  the new work pass, followed by  registration with MOM OSHD for the foreign worker to be registered as a licensed crane operator.

2Refer to Crawler Crane Operation, Mobile Crane Operation and Tower Crane (Saddle Jib) Operation.

The applicant company of existing foreign crane operators who intend to cross-train an existing foreign crane operator holding a valid crane and hoist work pass in other cranes, need not apply to BCA for approval.

Typical Workflow

Typical Workflow

    Please read through the Terms and Conditions carefully before submitting the application for endorsement. An incomplete application form may lead to the rejection of your application.

The Applicant Company is strongly advised to seek clarifications from:

i.          MOM at (65) 64385122 or www.mom.gov.sg/feedback if you have any queries relating to work pass application and registration to be a crane operator; or,

ii.          BCA at www2.bca.gov.sg/feedback/ if you have any queries relating to the submission of the Form C.

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